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Spiralizer®-a fun kitchen gadget!

It looks like it should be sold on late night television-but this really is an item you will enjoy having in your kitchen. We learned about it at a friend’s last summer.  She made a salad of zucchini, carrot, summer squash and sweet potato curls.  All the vegetables had been blanched or simmered to be soft enough to eat, and then blended with a light vinaigrette and fresh pearl mozzarella.  We knew it had to be an “it” food to master.  Since then we have purchased our own Spiralizer® and had a few successes and a few flops. It looks like a lot of moving parts, but it really is easy to use, clean and store. Refer to the recipe for Summer Veggie Carpaccio to see it in action. This recipe is one of the success stories, of course.

It is available from Amazon The Spiralizer®

Spiralizer 1
Spiralizer 13
Spiralizer Blades
Spiralizer 5
Spiralizer 7
Spiralizer 8
Spiralizer 4
Spiralizer 3



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