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Berlin Overview

Berlin is our new New York.

It is a lively city  awaiting discovery and exploration.  New York City is a great place, do not get me wrong, but Berlin-wow!  Parts of Berlin have blended and the line between East and West is hard to discern.  Other areas are still distinct, having been separated for decades and a couple of generations.  To blend back will take time, and being able to observe that compendium is what is so transfixing.  Students populate an area called Neukölln and young families are settling in Prenzlauer Berg.


At every turn there is a new restaurant, store or business popping up.  Older restaurants are seeing a resurgence in popularity, as all that is old is new again.  Culture is abundant from pop to classical music, dance ensembles, and performance art. Museums of anything and everything dot the city.  Street performers are on squares with new audiences emerging from the subterrain metro on a constant rotation.


It is one of the most well-connected cities I have every seen.  Buses, trams, trains, both underground and above traverse the city for what feels like 24 hours a day.  The most peripheral areas of the city are within reach by connecting a train, two or three.  Walking, biking, and driving are better modes to see the entire city and not miss a beat, but the trains are the most efficient when too far to go on foot.


Dogs-dogs stay with their owners and leashes are optional. Board a train, sit in a restaurant, go into a shop-a dog is sure to be nearby.  Seriously, they follow their owners, stop at corners to cross the street, and ignore people and other dogs that they pass by.  Ok, there is an occasional deviation like the little Corgi that went out the opposite exit from the subway the other afternoon and followed someone else.  But that is the exception.  Put on of our three dogs on a metro, and there is no way they would not expect everyone to pet them, give them a bit of the pizza slice or sandwich they are eating, or sniff under every bench in hopes of finding something gross to eat.

If you are heading to Europe this summer, Berlin is one stop to put on your itinerary.

Been here? Perhaps you would like to share your experience or tell about a restaurant, cafe or food experience you had on your visit to Berlin.

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Berlin-the city awaits your visit!


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