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Bleuberet Abroad is about our food travels and the foodie finds that fulfill our food philosophy. All of the Bleuberet Team travels or lives in places where food is the focus.  The coolest part about a being a partially digital company, is that we can be in lots of places and share our foodie finds.  We look at the world through a food paradigm and the basic foodie philosophy of wanting to know what we are eating, where it came from, and why we would want to consume it.

The 60’s started the food revolution in the US, and it snowballed to where it is today.  Farm-to-table is popping up the world round.  Farm-to-table goes beyond the head of lettuce picked at 4am, brought to the market, and then eaten as a salad for dinner.  Knowing where your food comes from, how it was handled, and how it got to your kitchen is critical to healthy eating. Bleuberet Abroad looks for foodie finds that are changing or have brought change to the world’s food paradigm.

Food blogs are one of the most highly googled sites that people source. Whether it is for recipes, food travel, restaurants, or food recalls-it is all about food.  Healthy eating is about the yin and yang relationship between what, how, when and where we eat.  It is an ever evolving philosophy.  Developing one’s own food philosophy, we believe, is critical to creating harmony within one’s own food-centric lifestyle.

As a family we are rooted in Maine, but are also spread out all over the place on a day-to-day basis.  This gives us the opportunity to share not just the world of Maine, but the other places that we frequent, visit, or live in at the moment — all through the food paradigm. The first foray into bringing other perspectives than just those of the immediate family members, has been to include guest posts.   If you have not checked out The Hungry Millennial, please do.  Our first author, Stephanie, lives in the Netherlands. As an avid traveler herself, she brings even more places into reach.

Come along.  There might be a place that entices an actual journey, perhaps a mental journey that satiates the soul, or an evening meal.  Whatever it invokes, hopefully it inspires a personal food philosophy through the food paradigm to evolve.  Ultimately that food philosophy should bring you back to your own kitchen with incredibly interesting and healthy foods to enjoy with your family and friends. Pack your suitcase, bring an appetite, and remember it’s all about food.

We are looking for Guest Posts & Guest Recipes
Do you know something, someone, or a place that is shaping the food paradigm? Food is all about sharing.