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Cheese Please! Bleuberet’s Cheese Series, Pairing & Suggestions, Part 1

You have friends coming over for dinner this weekend and need to figure out appetizers or an after dinner cheese plate? We’ve got it covered with some ideas on how to bring a delicious cheese plate together. In the newest section of our blog, we will bring you cheese pairing ideas to fulfill your entertaining needs. We’ll break down each cheese and condiment, explain a bit about them, and give pairing suggestions. Your local shop (Campbell Cheese is our local Cheesemonger in Brooklyn) may not have these specific cheeses, meats and accoutrements, but through your own creativity and a helpful cheesemonger, you should be able to use the below flavor profiles as a template.

Cheese Pairing Suggestions:

Buche De Lucay, Goat, Jacquin, France

  • Mild, soft goat’s milk cheese with a chalky center common to goat cheeses and a creamy outer ring held together with a bloomy rind.
  • Let it sit at room temperature for at least 15 minutes before eating to reach its full creamy potential.
  • Buche De Lucay’s gentle tangy flavor makes it a great addition to any cheese plate and the perfect vehicle for sweeter condiments like chutneys or preserves.

Cirone, Cow, Jumi, Switzerland

  • An aged raw cow milk cheese from Switzerland that is not the classic holey swiss cheese you’re thinking of.
  • It has a firm, crumbly texture with tyrosine crystals that add a pleasant, delicate crunch. The flavor is slightly sour at first with an underlying caramel sweetness.
  • Cirone comes from Jumi cheese producers who have a limited milk supply and always begin the cheesemaking process within 24 hours of dairy production. This results in a slightly higher price point, but it’s worth it for this mature beauty.

Blue Jay, Cow, Wisconsin

  • This unique cheese just might change your mind about the blues.
  • It’s on the creamier side for a blue (quintuple creme!) with a rich buttery texture.
  • Blue Jay has some of the classic pungency typical to blue cheeses, the addition of crushed juniper berries adds earthy, floral notes that create an entirely new flavor profile.

Prosciutto San Daniele

  • Prosciutto San Daniele is a classic Italian delicacy that adds beauty and unparalleled flavor to any charcuterie board. It is a delicate cured ham, thinly sliced into marbled ribbons that look great piled high on a board. The saltiness makes prosciutto a perfect accompaniment with sweeter flavors.

Fine English Charcoal Squares

  • Crumbly, all butter crackers made by The Fine Cheese Co in Bath, England.
  • Despite their bold appearance, they have a delicate flavor that allows the cheese to shine.

Additional Pairings

Wine pairing: Hewitson’s “Lulu” Sauvignon Blanc. Tasting notes: herbal, mineraly, grassy. Pairs well with goat cheese.

Cider pairing: Wölffer red cider- sparkling and dry with aromas of dark berries and a bright acidity. Pairs well with rich cheeses such as Blue Jay. 

Bleuberet pairing: We recommend In the Buff for a plate like this – the blueberry’s sweetness pairs nicely with a variety of flavors.

PS – If you have a cheese fest coming up, and there might be leftover cheese, our Cheese Please foodie box has the perfect cheese saving bags and jams to enjoy the remaining cheese with.

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