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A Food Blog requires hours to piece together the software and plugins that bring it to life.
Been there, done that.  Love to share and help save you the time and frustration.
It’s DIY with a little help. 

Food Blogging may be something that you want to explore or perhaps you have an idea that you want to get going. I have done the legwork and can help you save time, frustration and money.  Visit Bleuberet Academy for a FREE downloadable PDF for the steps of getting started, live links to the products, plugins and software that we used to create Bleuberet & The Blog.

For more in-depth food blogging how to, two new courses will be launching shortly-DIY Food Blogger Start-Up and DIY Food Blogger StartUp 1:1.  Both courses contain explanations of the process, software and plugin, with worksheets and downloadable PDFs.  The worksheets are to help you focus and think through how to create and design your blog.  The 1:1 is a session is time just for you to talk about your blog, ask questions, and get what you need to get your blog launched.

Would you like to share your food blogging skills?

We are looking for guest posts. Experienced at blog post writing or new, this is a great opportunity to use your food writing skills, help promote your blog and bring new readers on board.  Click the link and send us an idea of what you would like to write about.  We will send you the Bleuberet Post Guidelines for formatting your post, and then the kitchen is yours! By cross-promoting via the blog post and social media channels, new readers can gain access to more foodie info.  At Bleuberet we are all about sharing, as one would do with any good meal.

Have questions?

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