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Gratin as a Way of Life

Gratin is awesome and makes happy

Gratin is the ubiquitous word for anything layered with cheese.  It can contain meat, vegetables, fruit, cheese upon cheese, pasta.  You name it and there is probably a way to slice it, layer it, sprinkle breadcrumbs and extra virgin olive oil over it, gently coat the layer with cheese and repeat.  It is a make ahead of time dish, so perfect for dinner at the last minute to be warmed up, or for a party where the food practically makes itself.  Ok, so you did some work beforehand, but it is ready when you are and you do not have to spend the cocktail hour in the kitchen.  Watch this video to get the gist of the general technique-it goes from the basic to the entertaining level of serving a gratin:

How to Make it (Video)

Our most recent foray was a sweet potato Gruyère gratin at Thanksgiving by Melissa Clark of the NYT.  It was cheesy, bubbly, hot and gooey-everything a great gratin should be.  

All you need for equipment is a grater, knife and cutting board, and an ovenproof baking dish. We put this into our Easy Peasy category.

These are some others on our list to try through the winter. As we make them, we will post whether we followed the recipe or adapted it. Let us know which ones you try and how they came out.

Get grating with these year round gratin recipes:

Herbed Tomato Gratin by Hilary Meyer for EatingWell.com
Zucchini Gratin by the Eating Well Test Kitchen at EatingWell.com
Cauliflower Broccoli Gratin from Taste.com
Brussel Sprouts & Mac & Cheese Gratin from Vorwerk/Thermomix  (a Thermomix is a combination of blender, food processor, sauce maker all in one-you can use your blender or food processor and get pretty much the same result)

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