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Grilled Haricots Violets

What are haricots?

For lack of being able to find what these are actually called, and the fact that they are purple rather than green (Haricots Verts), we took the liberty to name these beautiful purple beans (Haricots Violets).  They arrived in our weekly CSA box along with some new onions.  The nights are cooling off here in Maine, but our grill is still the go to cooking source.

A little aside about the grilling culture here in Maine-it is year-round.  How do we know this? Because many homes here in Maine have the grills on the front porch and a path is cut through the snow. Unencumbered by the elements, the grill is always exposed and easily accessible any time of the year.  While we love grilled food, warm rain grilling is one thing, sub-zero temps another.  Anyway, we are fair-weather grillers and while we still can, we are out there as much as possible.

Purple Haricots in seive
Purple Haricots with onions, olive oil and salt
Purple Haricots onions
Purple Haricots roasted on grill
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Serves: 6 Cooking Time: 40 minutes


  • 16oz/460g haricots verts, string beans, wax beans or "haricots violets"
  • 4 small onions, thickly sliced
  • 20z/60ml olive oil
  • coarse salt and pepper



Preheat grill to medium heat.


Wash and trim beans. Drain and place in grilling tin.


Cut onions and place in tin.


Coat with olive oil, salt and pepper.


Place tin on grill.


At about 20 minutes, mix the beans a bit to moisten the ones on top, so that they do not burn.


Cook until tender or al dente, depending on your preference.


Perfect side dish. Keeps well in fridge for several days. Add pasta and turn into a meal.

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