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Lobster Steamed in Foil Pans

We love to eat lobster, but the cooking process and the smell afterwards can be daunting.  To save on the cleanup, this is the method that we have taken to using when we have one or twenty lobsters awaiting their fate.

Using disposable foil pans, the lobster can be steamed on the grill.  Many around these parts run down to the ocean, grab a few handfuls of seaweed and put them in the bottom of the pot to flavor the lobster.  Generally the extra trip between the dinner table and the ocean is too long, and we simply use water from the kitchen faucet.

So, you have your live lobsters and you need to cook them.

You will need cooking twine, three aluminum steam table pans (the ones with the deep sides), and wide heavy-duty foil.  The foil sheet will need to be long enough to wrap around the tins from bottom to top, and extra for sealing.  (And as you can see in the photo above, we use a pot holder to lift the lobsters-why, you may ask-because the gum band came off of one once and you do not want to have a claw on a finger.)

Preheat the grill.

Double the bottom tin.

Place the third tin on top upside down so that the pans align.

With a sharp knife, scissors, or a shish kabob skewer, poke holes at each end and two on the sides through the flat edges of the pans.

Remove the top lid and place it face up next to the the doubled pans.  Tie one edge together with the twine to form a hinge.

Place lobsters in doubled part of the pan.

Move the single pan over the lobsters to make a lid.

Tie the remaining aligned holes with twine.

Poke a hole in the center of the lid.

Place the pans on top of the foil. The foil needs to be long enough to wrap around the tins.

Wrap the foil around the tins and form a seal by crimping the extra length of foil together. This is what will keep the steam from escaping out the sides of the tins.

Find the indentation of the hole in the tin under the foil, and poke a hole through the foil.

Place tin on preheated grill.

Using a measuring cup, pour water into the hole at the top.  Two cups should suffice to start, and keep a couple of cups on hand for midway through the cooking.

This chart of steaming times comes from the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative website.

Steaming means that the water is bubbling and making steam-not timed from when the lobster pan hits the grill.

Close grill top and steam away.  If you are cooking for longer than 10-12 minutes, you should add a bit more water.

Remove tin from grill and cut open the top with cooking shears.  This contains the liquid and enables the lobsters to cool.

At this point they are ready to be served or can be cooled, picked and used in the Lobster Stew w/Corn, Tarragon & Jalapeño recipe.

The tins bottom tins can go in the dishwasher, but be forewarned, they will forever smell/stink of lobster. We find that they stink and throw them away.

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