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London Overview


From the Big Smoke to Food on Fire

Back in the nineteenth century, London was dubbed ‘the Big Smoke’. The city was often covered in thick smog, courtesy of the coal-chugging Industrial Revolution. Times have changed and the coal-fed fires have died out, but there is a new incendiary on the horizon. These days, Great Britain’s capital is home to a burning hot food scene.

The ‘New’ Big Smoke

The best reasons to go to London are edible. Here’s an idea for day 1 (and perhaps day 2 and 3 too). Head to Old Street Station by tube (that’s the underground metro for you). The station is located under the most polluted, and perhaps the ugliest, of the city roundabouts. But exit right, walk a minute or three, and you can eat your way through neighboring Shoreditch.

Start at Oklava for a Turkish-Cypriot lunch, have some mid-afternoon drinks at Leroy next door, and end your night snacking on Fish Sauce Chicken Wings at Smoking Goat Bar down the road. Or, head left when you exit, have lunch at Nuala, check in for a quick stop-over and fabulous espresso martinis at Clerkenwell Grind and then head down to Luca for some Italian nibbles later on. Really, the possibilities are endless in London. You are guaranteed to eat well.

The Tour in London

Which leads me to getting around the city. Yes, there are the Big Five sights (Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, London Bridge). But unless you enjoy crowds, your time is better spent in the lesser-known neighborhoods.

Best is to close your eyes, place your finger on the tube map, and head to a random destination in zones 1 and 2. Exit and wander around. Get lost. Unlike the stark grids of New York, London streets are a bit of a jumble and you might just find a hidden gem. Hang around Shoreditch and Brick Lane and go for a street art tour. Travel to Borough for street food from across the world. Try Muswell Hill for killer cheese shops.

Sharing is Caring

Go to London for the markets, the people-watching, and the parks; stay for the pubs, the food, and the nightlife. Are you passionate about London too? Perhaps you would like to share your experience or tell us about a restaurant, cafe or food experience you had on your visit.

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