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Mending + Healing = Comfort


Food is an integral part of life—not just to sustain life, but as an enhancement.  Meals for mending can be comforting and healthy at the same time.  We are at a juncture in our lives when food will take on both in a very conscientious manner.

M2 broke her shoulder and required fairly extensive surgery.  I won’t go into detail, but it was worse than we anticipated, the recovery time will be, rather than the actual time in surgery. Surgery is taxing on one’s body, well-being, and sense of normalcy.  It is tiring, draining, and psychologically a downer.  When tasked with caring for M2 and knowing that the goal would be to keep her sprits up, her focus positive, and get her to keep her eye on the prize of returning to sports, school and her social life, food was at the top of the list to keep it all in perspective.

Food, fret not

In the Bleuberet household, we do not fret about what we eat, so much as the quality of what we eat.  Meals are not balanced on a meal-by-meal basis, but rather based on what is added to the grocery cart.  A lot of cooking is based on what is going into the blog, but a lot of that is decided at the farmer’s market and grocery store, and much of the creativity of what to do with those foods is influenced by what sources I am reading at the time.  In an attempt to be seasonal, much of what we eat changes on a regular basis without having to think much about it. In other words, if it is seasonal, it is only around for a short time, thus the variety is self-creating.

Mending + Healing = Comfort

So back to M2 and food.  I believe that food has healing and mending properties from foods we deign as comfort foods to ones that truly have healing properties (antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and so forth).  Try to convince me that macaroni and cheese does not cover all categories.  I digress.  Many of the meals that you will see in the blog over the next couple of months will be ones for M2 to get back on track, from antioxidant-rich veggies such as sweet potatoes and tomatoes to comforting foods like macaroni and cheese.  And with spring in the air, much of what will show up on the plate is fresh and items that we have not seen for months-goodbye root veggies, hello asparagus!  At the end, I will put them all together into an e-book that you can download for your own mending time.

Enjoy them as we go, and I hope that you find the inspiration to mend, heal, and enjoy good food along the way.

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