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Mushrooms in a Medley

meal with mushrooms

Foraging in the woods for mushrooms in Maine

Growing up, we foraged for wild mushrooms with Oma.  Mostly what we found that was edible in the woods of Maine were what Oma called Pfefferling and the French call Chanterelle. Either way, they were fresh, bright orange, and had a peppery bite.  My Oma never put her mushrooms under water, and taught us to gently wipe the dirt away with a cloth (we were being green and did not even know it-she also save tin foil, but that’s for another time).   She always said that the Pfefferling/Chanterelle could not be cultivated and would always be wild, and only found after a good rain.  So boots and raincoats on and we would head out.  Dry days wild Maine blueberries, we days-mushroom hunting.

From time-to-time there are Chanterelle in the grocery store, although, I have never bought them.  I am sure that Oma would be appalled.

I just so happened to be in a specialty food store shortly after reading the NYT article on mushrooms, “What Is the Health and Nutritional Value of Mushrooms?” by Roni Caryn Rabin (1/19/18).  The mushroom section was astounding, so I bought a whole bunch of different ones.

Sliced, sautéed in olive oil with sage and a bit of salt-we ate them straight from the pan.  Experiment with the mushrooms that you find in your neck of the woods and let us know what you did with them.  Just make sure if you do pick them in the wild that you know what you are doing-many are poisonous.

Mushroom recipes to try:
Beef Stroganoff from Recipe Tin Eats
Creamy Poblano Mushrooms with Polenta from Pinch of Yum
Harvest Vegetable Risotto from Dear Crissy

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  • Reply Stephanie January 29, 2018 at 6:12 pm

    I love a good mushroom! Sauteed with lots of butter and garlic. And if I am feeling especially fancy, served with a runny egg yolk as they do in Spain (by frying an egg sunny-side up, and then cutting away the egg white so all you are left with is a deliciously creamy yolk for your mushrooms).

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