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Pugnuts Ice Cream

Pugnuts Ice Cream, Surry Maine

Ice cream. Need I say anything more?

For those of you who followed us through Berlin, you may recall our fondness for ice cream. And for those of you who are new to us, ice cream, in my book, is at the top of the food pyramid in importance and covers all the food groups.  It is a meal replacement and should one want to do an ice cream cleanse, well with enough sorbet, why not.

Maine, a stop on the ice cream trail.

Some call it off the beaten path, some might say it is out of the way, you are never, ever going out of your way when in search of ice cream. Pugnuts Ice Cream is in full view when traversing the route between Ellsworth and Blue Hill.  It is in Surry in a beautiful old farmhouse-general store.  They are devout Pug dog lovers, hence the name.  Read the story of how they came to be, I cannot do it justice, but I can tell you that their ice cream is a gem along this stretch of winding road.

Tasting and choosing.

A good ice cream shop allows for tastings.  With so many wonderful flavors, and many unique ones, sometimes it is a befuddling and bemusing choice. Lest you be too confused and walk away not happy, ask for a sample or two to try and disappointment is not in the cards.  Choose a flavor that you think you know from prior experiences, well, this one may just be a notch up. I am a chocolate fan, and was skeptical of the soy-based one, but wow-oh-wow was it ever good.  In fact, all the chocolates are great. The blueberry, salted caramel and even vanilla cannot be classified as plain.  Flavor first and sweet second, is what I look for when I taste a new ice cream.  They have balanced the flavoring with the sweetness in an enhancing way.  Close your eyes and it could escalate to the enchanting category.

Pugnuts ice cream sign 2
Pugnuts Ice Cream 4
Pugnuts Ice Cream 5
Pugnuts Ice Cream 3

Pugnuts Ice Cream Shop
1276 Surry Road (Route 172)
Surry, ME

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