Seal Cove Farm Pizza

Cool-the goats are on the farm and so is the real stone oven pizza.

The cheese comes from their milk, and the “Goataroni” and Goatrizo” come from, well you can guess.  Lemoine, Maine is the home of Seal Cove Farm.  Seal Cove is actually on Mt. Dessert, and it is where they started out, hence the name. When they moved, Lemoine Cheese would have been too much of a change for the massive following that they have acquired, so the name came with them. I do not recall when they were on the Island (Mt. Dessert), but it has been a while.  The pizza oven was actually built to be a community oven for bakers to come and bake bread, etc, so I heard.  It did not seem to take off as such, and they began to serve pizza a few years ago.  This was the Bleuberet Brigade’s first, and certainly not last, visit.

The farm

The sign is small and on a vinyl, grommeted non-permanent fixture.  Seal Cove makes the pizza on the week’s end and only for the season.  Season means summer here on the coast.  Inland where there is skiing, we can say the season in another sense.  Aside from the sign, we where wholeheartedly greeted by the herd.

Seal Cove Farm 3
Seal Cove Farm 1
Seal Cove Farm 2

Arrival and the stone oven

Stone oven pizza is amazing. The char on the crust and the golden, bubbly cheese blend flavors in a way that a pizza oven never will.  This oven was built by hand and and has the wood piled along the side.  It is the real deal.  As we drove in we could see the herd at the end of the road in their enclosure and a large barn.  A covered long driftwood gray table, the small prep kitchen and the glorious stone over were off to the left.  We parked, reviewed the pizza selection for the day and ordered.

Seal Cove Farm 12
Seal Cove Farm 10
Seal Cove Farm 13
Seal Cove Farm 11

The pizza

They are individually sized. The selection is set, it is not a custom order situation like a regular pizza parlor.  With 6 or 7 selections, the carnivore and herbivores were satisfied.  Six pizzas ordered, with a 20 minutes wait, we walked down to see the goats who had produced the milk for the cheese and probably a few that would end up called goataroni and goatrizo.

Seal Cove Farm 6
Seal Cove Farm 9
Seal Cove Farm 5
Seal Cove Farm 8
Seal Cove Farm 7

Pizza overall experience

Good (we only write about an experience if it is good, we are not restaurant critics). The pizza is fresh, tasty, and beautifully cooked. It is a place to go.  Be prepared though that the prices are steep $13/pizza at this writing.  Even with ordering 6 pizzas and we were 6 in number, it was not enough to fill us up (truth be told, we were on our way to lobster at Perry’s anyway).  I am not sure if you can bring other food with, but if so, would recommend bringing some side dishes and salads to round out the meal.  They have to go boxes as well, so you could order and then bring it home.  Be sure to visit the goats.

Seal Cove Farm
202 Partridge Cove Rd, Lamoine, ME 04605
(207) 667-7127
Recommend checking FB for hours or call

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