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White Asparagus
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White Asparagus Is the Frontrunner

White Asparagus Is the Winner For Its Delicate Taste White Asparagus vs. Green Asparagus, it is an ongoing debate.  White Asparagus seems to take top seed in Germany. In the markets throughout Germany we predominantly found white at the beginning of the season and…

Dessert Vegetarian

Lime Custard & Coconut Crust Pie

Light and tangy, a perfect way to end a weekend BBQ. Instead of the typical butter crust found under most pies, this one gets a nice soft lining of coconut. Large eggs were used in this recipe. And yes, size matters with eggs. Save…

Gluten Free Sides/Sauces Vegetarian

Hollandaise Moderne

This is the topper of our steamed asparagus recipe. Hollandaise is considered to be a “mother” sauce in French cooking. It is deemed one of the most difficult to make because the yolks can turn from gently warmed to scrambled in a moment.  After…

Entree Gluten Free Sides/Sauces Vegetarian

Asparagus & Hollandaise Moderne

Fresh asparagus is a sign that spring is moving along Asparagus (cooked) can be nibbled plain, drizzled with a vinaigrette, or served with a freshly made Hollandaise (this recipe is a lighter version, and is almost fail proof). From May through June it appears at farmer’s…