The Bouillon Cube

What’s a Bouillon Cube? 

When one does not have a chicken carcass available to whip up stock, is when a bouillon cube comes in handy. I am not ashamed to say that I unwrap bouillon cubes pretty frequently-in the kitchen, in full view, with the lights on. Simply put, bouillon cubes are practical.  A bouillon cube is a concentrated, compact, dehydrated blend of spices, herbs, vegetables and/or meat that comes in a compressed cube, perfectly enveloped in a foil wrapping (envision dried herbs in a block form). Tossed into a few cups of boiling water it becomes the base of a soup or sauce. Once upon a time, bouillon cubes were a pantry staple, but they became passé. Like bell-bottoms and platform shoes, they are back in fashion and are now available in a plethora of flavors. Unlike the bouillon cubes of yore—hydrolyzed chicken or beef—there are vegan, vegetarian and carnivore variations. Artisanal and organic versions abound.

The Chef, Cook & Blogger 

I’m  the “mommy” of two millennials (M1 and M2). For years, they thought that sports were what everyone did at 6PM. Handing bags of fast food to the back seat was not my thing, so dinner was a challenge.  With food as my paradigm, I made eating at home an integral part of our lifestyle.  The blog is called The Bouillon Cube because many a night a little block of seasoning helped to get us to the table graced with some gastronomic splendor.

Long before I started Bleuberet Artisanal Foods, I had a (paper) newsletter called Meals&Menus. The premise was to create gourmet tasting recipes that could be cooked on a nightly basis.  Cooking magazines had overwhelmed homecooks and they were perplexed as to how to make dinner look like it had popped off a glossy page.  By inspiring homecooks to get back into the kitchen with a few shortcuts, such as bouillon cubes dissolved in hot water, rather than feeling inadequate about not using a DIY stock, there was a way to make nightly cooking easy and enjoyable again.  The newsletter did well until it didn’t. Paper fell by the wayside and digital became the wave of the future.

Food is the center of the universe to me and my family.  It is the foundation of health and healthy living.  Bleuberet Artisanal Foods are tangible products that arose from looking for healthy alternatives to what was on the supermarket shelves. The Bouillon Cube Blog is based on the philosophy about eating tasty home-cooked food, simply made; much like what propelled the newsletter to come about so many years ago.

Fast forward 20+ years, M1 lives in NYC, and M2 in Germany.  Hubby and I reside in Maine when we are not travelling.  Bleuberet has become a family business with each of us managing different aspects of the company. The Millennials and I cook, write recipes, try different foods and travel in search of new flavors.  It is this love of discovering new flavors, cooking, creating new recipes and sharing it with those we love that comes through in The Bouillon Cube.  We hope this inspires you to don an apron, grab a spoon and stir the pot, and gather around the table to eat with the special people in your life.

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