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Tomato Scrambled Eggs

Can’t beat eggs for Sunday morning breakfast…

Millennial 2 (M2) hit the kitchen this morning.  She and M1 mastered eggs early on and I would say it has been the staple food that they both experiment with the most.  M1 is big on the Huevos Rancheros and the more salsa the better.  M2 is keen on quiche and what she can fill it with.  After a recent trip to Israel, they have both fallen in love with Shakshuka (there is a recipe below, and we have a few of our own coming soon).  It is a tomatoey sauce, teeming with vegetables and softly cooked eggs.

There are probably as many egg dishes the world over as there are snowflakes.  And on a chilly morning in Berlin, M2 created a new one.  She directed as we sliced tomatoes, beat a few eggs and then cooked them until they were creamy and fluffy-as a scrambled egg should be. Stretching eggs with milk makes them watery and they lose their fluffiness.  Some like their eggs dry, but we like them moist and soft.  M2 dolloped a bit of guacamole and seasoned them with salt and pepper.  Simple and yum.  Great way to start a Sunday.  Thanks for cooking!

NOTE-eggs should never be cooked over a high heat.  They are delicate, fragile and need to be treated with kid gloves.  Be gentle to your eggs and they will feed you well in return.

Tomotes Scrambled Eggs 2-1
Tomotes Scrambled Eggs 1-2

From the TBC/Bleuberet Kitchen some egg suggestions:
Mushroom Medley would make a great quiche filler, and a couple of others to try as well- Grilled QuicheSmoked Salmon Baked Omelette

Mexican Breakfast from Jamie Oliver
Shakshuka Recipe from Kannamma Cooks
Quiche Lorraine from Delia Cooks

Nature's most perfect food-the egg! Scrambled, boiled, fried or quiched- eggs are every so versatile. Awesome. Click To Tweet
Nature's most perfect food


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