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Vegan Summer Stew

Vegan Summer Stew

Vegan stew seems to be a catchall for using up the veggies any time they are not puréed into a soup.

Vegan summer stew is yet another way to make use of all those fresh vegetables that come at this time of year. Too much of the same, I keep whimpering, but in a month or so when we are full on into squash and root vegetable season, that tune will change. In the meantime, I will try to continue to be creative.

Vegan Summer Stew
Vegan Summer Stew
Summer Vegan Stew

This vegan stew consisted of a few vegetables and was bolstered with seashell pasta and brown rice. Another vegan/vegetarian concoction – throw a bratwurst or chicken breast on the on the grill if meat is called for.  For me, I will keep it in the v/v mode.

A vegan summer stew is the perfect backdrop for your own creative touch.

Think of this as a blank canvas that can have your personal touch added to it.  I wanted something that tasted of the subtleness of the vegetables stewing together and did not add additional seasonings other than salt and pepper. My reasoning was thus, these vegetables are as fresh as they are going to be unless I grow them myself.  The farm that we get our CSA from picks early in the day and we pick up the bag within a few hours of it being ready.  A lot of it gets cooked that night or within a few days.  The vegetables that get used immediately are the ones that I really want to enjoy that flavor of.  Not to say that they won’t have good flavor on day 2 or 3, but there is nothing like fresh from the garden.

Garlic vs Garlic Scapes, which one you ask.

Garlic scapes were not as plentiful this year as in previous ones, so they got used up pretty quickly. They are one of my favorite seasonings to add through the winter and typically I make a garlic scape/olive oil pesto in bulk.  Garlic scapes are lighter in garlic flavor, impart no bitterness, and give the garlic-y taste without the strength of garlic cloves.   While garlic cloves and garlic scapes are somewhat interchangeable, it is different levels of flavor intensity and color.  Garlic scapes are vibrantly green.  In this recipe the garlic scapes were cut into 2-3 inch pieces for a colorful perk in addition to the taste.

Variations on the theme:

Moroccan Summer Vegetable Stew from Veganosity
Summer Vegetable Stew…A One Pot Meal from Girl and the Kitchen

Vegan Summer Stew

Serves: 6
Cooking Time: 45 minutes


  • 6-8 garlic scapes, cut into 2-3"/5-7cm pieces
  • 3fl.oz/85ml olive oil
  • 5 spring/green onions, trimmed and sliced
  • 3 summer squash, thickly sliced
  • 3 zucchini, thickly sliced
  • 3oz/85g brown rice
  • 8oz/226g shell pasta
  • 8oz/225ml tomato purée
  • 48fl.oz/1.4L water
  • salt and pepper, to taste



Pour the olive oil into a large soup pot. Wait to turn on the heat until garlic scapes and onions are ready.


Trim the root ends of the onions and slice (they tips may be dry, or thin out, do not use that part).


Add to the oil in the soup pot and cook until they start to soften.


Add summer squash and zucchini.


Cook until they start to soften.


Add water and tomato purée (water may be boiled to expedite the process).


Bring to a gentle boil.


Add rice. Cook until rice starts to soften, about 30 minutes.


Add a cup or two more water if there is not enough liquid to cook the pasta.


Put pasta in the pot.


Cook until the pasta is softened.


Season with salt and pepper.


This stew is fine as is, or if you want more seasoning add thyme, marjoram or savory. Any dried spice blend will give the stew a different flavor. Want more spunk, slice some cooked chorizo and spice it up.

Garden spewed forth too many summer squash and zucchini. Made a stew with pasta and rice. Hearty fare for a cool, late summer day. Click To Tweet

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