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Zula Restaurant – Hummus at its best

Picture of Hummus and Bread from Zula Berlin


On a cold winter’s evening a few weeks ago, while walking through Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin, we came across a gem of a restaurant. It’s small, it’s cozy. Sit by the heater if the gush of cool air coming in will chill you.  Pull off your coat, settle in, open the menu and order any one of three sizes of Hummus.  From plain to the one topped with Shakshuka (the whole thing, eggs and all), this is the most amazing Hummus we have come across outside of Tel Aviv.

First about Prenzlauer Berg.

Berlin is devided into very distinct neighborhoods, and this is one of the trendiest by far.  Young families dot the sidewalks. Parents ride bicycles equipped with what look like baby-joggers attached to the front, filled with children.  Boutique shops, trendy restaurants, and old time bars line the street level fronts of buildings.  It is a neighborhood nestled between three major boulevards known as Allees (aah-lays).  You might just pass it by, if you were not looking carefully.  So put it in your GPS and find it!

Back to Zula.

When we saw the sign that said Hummus, we had to go in.  We have been back twice now it was so good.  Start with an Israeli Salad, big enough for one to three people, depending on appetites.  Then choose from three sizes of Hummus.  With a variety of toppings, you could eat here 7 nights straight and have a different Hummus experience each time.  The portions are generous, but not out of control.  All perfect food for sharing.  Try the Spinach Falafel and Lebahneh with warm, freshly made pita.  The Tahini Dressing is homemade daily and brings the salad to life.  Water is self-serve from a glass jug on a stand-a welcome thing to see, as no other restaurant that we have come across offers water from the tap (paid for bottled water is a must if you want water in most restaurants).  It’s drink as much water as you like.  There is a small bar, wine list, and they offer several wines by the glass.  We like to keep our restaurant experiential and stuck to the Gamla Merlot and Gamla Chardonnay, both from Israel.

Email worked for making the reservation.  Since it is a small place, it fills up fast, but if you get there early, they usually will let you sit at a “reserved” table as long as you are done before the reservation arrives.

030 – 41 71 51 00 

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